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LeapFrog's Math Circus DVD Song - 5 Quidget Worm

Contoh RPH Matematik

(Tanpa Program LINUS - Numerasi)

Mata Pelajaran dan kelas    :     Matematik Tahun Satu Damai
Topik                                    :     Nombor Bulat Hingga 100
Masa                                    :     60 minit
Standard Pembelajaran       :     1.1 (i) (a), (i)(b), (i)(c)
Objektif Pembelajaran:
Pada akhir pengajaran dan pembelajaran, murid dapat:
Menyatakan kuantiti secara
a.   Kumpulan yang mempunyai banyak dan sedikit objek.
b.   Membandingkan dua kumpulan secara padanan.
c.   Pola berlainan dengan menggunakan dua kumpulan objek.

Aktiviti pengajaran dan pembelajaran:
·         Membezakan dua kumpulan objek banyak atau sedikit.
o   Di luar bilik darjah
o   Objek yang disediakan
o   Kad gambar.
·         Membuat padanan objek yang berbeza dari segi bentuk, warna dan saiz.
·         Membina kumpulan objek dengan susunan objek yang pelbagai.

Elemen Merentas Kurikulum (EMK):
·         Kreativiti (pelbagai pola) pemerhatian, membanding, membeza dan memadan.
·         Alam sekitar (pokok bunga).

Bahan Bantu Belajar:
Alat pembilang (Sida, guli, kerusi), tumbuhan dan objek sekeliling sekolah. Lembaran kerja.

Penilaian Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran:
Penilaian melalui pemerhatian semasa p&p dan perbincangan.

5 daripada 36 murid yang belum mencapai objektif pembelajaran akan dibimbing dalam kelas akan datang.

(Berserta Program LINUS - Numerasi)

Mata Pelajaran                     :     Matematik Tahun Satu Damai
Tajuk                                    :     Tambah
Masa                                    :     60 minit
Standard Pembelajaran       :     2.1 (i), (ii) dan (iii)
Objektif Pembelajaran:
Pada akhir pengajaran dan pembelajaran, murid dapat:
a.   Menyatakan pasangan nombor bagi kumpulan objek yang diberi.
b.   Menyebut nombor bagi jumlah objek pasangan kumpulan yang diberi
c.   Membina kombinasi dua nombor bagi jumlah objek yang diberi.

Aktiviti Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran:
Murid Perdana
1.   Perbincangan mengenai:
o   Dua kumpulan objek
o   Bilangan dua kumpulan objek yang disatukan
o   Kad gambar yang menunjukkan dua kumpulan objek.
2.   Murid membina dua kumpulan objek dan menyebutkan jumlahnya.
3.   Murid bina kombinasi dua nombor berdasarkan satu kumpulan objek.

Murid LINUS (Numerasi)
1.   Soaljawab mengenai nilai lebih satu daripada suatu nombor
o   Seorang murid masukkan sebiji bola ke dalam bakul.
o   Soaljawab mengenai bilangan bola yang ada dalam bakul
o   Masukkan lagi sebiji bola ke dalam bakul.
(aktiviti berterusan untuk bilangan yang lain pula)
2.   Bimbing murid menyebut lebih satu adalah nombor yang berikutnya.
3.   Tunjuk dan sebut nombor lebih satu adalah nombor berikut berdasarkan garis             nombor.

Elemen Merentas Kurikulum (EMK):
·         Kreativiti (membina kumpulan objek, kombinasi dua nombor bagi satu kumpulan objek)
·         Perbendaharaan kata merujuk situasi tambah.

Bahan Bantu Belajar:
Alat pembilang (cip plastik, pensel, blok asas), kad gambar. Kad garis nombor.

Penilaian Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran:
Penilaian melalui pemerhatian semasa P&P dan perbincangan.

90% murid mencapai objektif pembelajaran. Murid yang belum menguasai dibimbing melalui aktiviti pengukuhan.

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KSSR Thn 2 / 2012

I just attended a Mathematics course which was Kursus Penyebaran Maklumat KSSR Matematik Tahun 2. I would like to share some new information here. Hope u'll lilke it ^_^
  1. Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (B/C)
  2. Contoh RPH Matematik Thn 2

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Nursery Rhymes ^_^


Learning Maths Funny ^-^


Mouse Poem

Eek a mouse!    
Get it out of the house!
Disgustingly, dastardly,
Devilish louse!
Chase it, find it,
By it some traps,
Send it away,
Without any maps!
This mouse is too cute,
Hug it, cuddle it,
Sew it a suit!
Love it, feed it,
Kiss it,  
Don't scream,
Give it cheese doodles,
Serve it ice cream...
It's a terrible thing,
Horrible hateful,
Disease it will bring!
Throw it,
Hide it,
Chase it away.
Bottle it! Can It!
Spray it with spray!
This mouse is alive,
It smells with its nose,
It sees with its eyes,
It eats with its mouth,
It walks with its feet,
It's practically human,
This mouse can't be beat...
This is not,
One horrible animal,
Look in the mirror,
You'll see a mammal,
Just like this mouse,
Which is nicer than you,
Because it loves all mice
And all humans too...


History Of Mathematics ~


Maths Poem

The Nose Picker
There was a boy who picked his nose,
Thought it tasted fine,
Picked for breakfast, lunch and dinner,
Picked it all the time...
Shared his pickings with his friends,
With his parents too,
Shared his pickings with his pets,
They worked a lot like glue...

Picked his nose all through the day,
Picked all through the night,
Never tired of his picking,
Wanna’ take a bite?
One day he stuck his finger in,
So deep inside his snout,
The rest of him got stuck inside,
He never could get out!

Maths Story

 A Strange School
Many years ago, in a small school, in a small town, something very strange happened, something very strange indeed. Here’s the whole story. Well, at least a fraction of it…

At this small school, which was tucked into the woods, none of the students ever smiled, and on sunny days nobody ran around and played tag or football, or even talked and laughed about their favorite TV shows. No, this school was different because the math teacher, Mr. Al Geebrah was so mean. He was actually mean
squared, which is to say mean times mean. In other words, on the average , he was the meanest! And with him around no one ever had any fun…

One time Mr. Geebrah was so mean, he made the students figure out how many 12ths were in 5 wholes! It took them all day, but they finally figured it out!

How many 12ths do you think are in 5 wholes.

The Number Thief 2

The Number Thief 2
(a math story in rhyme! This one lets students practice even and odd numbers)

I think it was cold,
I think it was hot!!!
I think it was raining,
I think I forgot...
But what I do know,
What I remember,
Number Thief was missing,
Since early September...
september calendar
Without the thief,
Life had been good,
No one stole numbers,
Like nobody should...
But there I was working,
At home all alone,
Doing math homework,
Should it be known...
My parents had gone,
To the mall otra vez, (again)
And they'd taken the cat,
And my brother, Cortez...
To buy a fence,
To keep out the thief,
So he couldn't steal numbers,
And cause me more grief...
But as I was sitting,
And adding up sums,
I heard a strange sound,
Bang my eardrums...
I turned around quick,
And screamed out,
Who's there?!!!!!
But nothing talked back,
Except empty cool air...
I knew this was strange,
Like a daughter named Todd,
I knew this was strange,
Just like 7

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Teaching Steps

Set Induction.
Please click on the URL below to view my lesson plan and work sheet.
That was my students' work


Welcome to my blog. I was a newbie on blogger and i would like to share one of the lesson that i was taught in Mathematics. Hope u guys can give some comments or opinions to help me improve my teaching life. Thank u so much. ^_^